Welcome and thanks for checking out the site! What follows is just a little background information about me. Growing up in Devils Lake, ND, my musical influence was provided by my father. While he played polkas on accordion or keyboard, I would play along on the drums. So yeah, I can "cut time" like nobody's business. (Drummers will appreciate that joke)

Keith Axtman

I started my musical journey in a band called Beowulf, which was a group that played primarily garage rock originals. Our big hits were "Nutrisystem" and "Trash Man." I then tried the country thing for a while and even shamelessly competed in a number of singing contests such as the True Value/Jimmy Dean Country Showdown. I don't mean to knock it because it was a good learning experience, and I did fairly well despite getting my ass kicked. Throughout all this I played in a number of different bands until going full-time in a country/rock group called Lonesome Run. For 3 years we traveled throughout the U.S. and Canada making our $15,000/year and living out of the cheapest hotels and constantly eating McDonalds. Our gigs ranged from a crappy bar where we played for just the bartender to the big fairs where we had audiences of 11,000. Unfortunately the big shows didn't happen that often, and I got pretty burnt out playing the smoke-filled little clubs. It was an awesome experience though, and I've traveled places I wouldn't have gone to, and l have many stories and additional 'seasoning' I took away from it. The band dissolved and I finally got a real job that allowed me the time and resources to work on songwriting.

Which brings us to present day. I now tour when I want to and not according to an agent's schedule. A buddy and I started a group called Writers In The Round which is a laid back show where 4 or 5 songwriters get together and showcase their original music. It's just a voice and a guitar without all the noise and big production. Plus, you get to hear the story behind the song. It's similar to being at the Bluebird Café in Nashville, TN. We don't do this show very often so keep an eye on my schedule for the next performance. Aside from that and performing solo acoustic shows, I also tour with the bass player, David Boehm, from our old band Lonesome Run in an acoustic duo called Acoustic Addiction. Check out the NEWS page for where you can attend the next AA meeting at a bar near you! Below is some shameless verbiage promoters like. Enjoy the site, and I hope you like the album.


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Few songwriters possess Keith Axtman's ability to present contemporary commercial music. With powerful, soaring vocals that demand attention, Keith takes his rock and country roots, adds a generous helping of carefully thought-out melodies and lyrical hooks, and presents a guitar and vocal showcase few can ignore. Keith spent several years traveling across the country as lead vocalist and guitarist for the country/rock band Lonesome Run. He shared acclaim when his song "Don't Want My Love" placed him in the top one percent of Billboard Songwriters contest. Now settled in Fargo, North Dakota, Axtman still performs around the region. Keith's first solo CD, Big Dreams, was released November 2006. You can find out more information on that album and other news by checking out www.keithaxtman.com.