An acoustic duo consisting of me and my buddy Dave. Come get 'tuned' at the next AA meeting and let us amplify your addiction to acoustic music!


As far as I'm concerned, the only site you need to be going to for all your musical needs. Blows other music sites away. Amazing customer service with a personal touch, great products, low prices, free shipping, and the best part....these guys are musicians too!


A great site where local artists from the Fargo/Moorhead area, such as myself, can showcase and sell their talents.


A bunch of scallywags that love to have a good time and listen to Buffet music. You've probably heard of their award winning Margaritaville aid station at the Fargo/Moorhead marathon. Plus, they get me all kinds of bookings.


Eric is an amazing guitar player/singer/songwriter. He's a member of the Writers In The Round group, (when he can make it) and has a cool soothing style of music. My guitar idol. P.S., his guitar is for sale.


A great singer/songwriter friend of mine. We've played some Writers In The Round shows together and I've never heard this guy hit a sour note.


My bro-in-law's site. If you need a photographer around the Minneapolis area give him a call. He also takes band photos for all you musicians out there.



Had to throw this in. I absolutely love this site. Hilarious!


My buddy Jason's site. We were in the band Lonesome Run together and now he's got a cool group together of very talented musicians that perform in this region.